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Celebrating Matariki

Celebrating Matariki


Rubi-Lin Kita(pictured) has just completed her Early Childhood Education Level 4. Congratulations. On top of that Ruby has created this  beautiful piece of artwork to celebrate Matariki. You can view this picture and others now at the Onehunga Community Centre

Culinary Medal Winners

Culinary Medal Winners


2014 Hawke's Bay Culinary Salon

It was with great pleasure that we were able to assist three of our Cook 3 students with their practise and preparation for the Hawke's Bay Culinary Salon on Sunday 18th May.

Brooke ‘Boogie’ Lindsey, Timara ‘Jimy’ Pimm and ‘AJ’ Turner all gained medals at the prestigious event.

Congratulations to them for all their effort in practise over the past few weeks, late Saturday night preparation and early Sunday morning (6:30am) start.

This event is held every year by New Zealand Chefs Association and this year one of the classes was sponsored by Workforce Development Ltd.

All three students entered the ‘Cheesecake Class”. Brooke made a delicious white Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake with a crush biscuit and Toasted Almond base which won her a SILVER MEDAL.

Timara presented a zesty Lemon and Lime Cheesecake which was awarded a MERIT. It was exceptionally good flavour; however on the morning of the event we had trouble removing it from the cake tin which lost her those couple of points that would have otherwise gained her a bronze medal.

AJ delivered a Cookie and Cream Cheesecake decorated Chocolate Shards, once again, a worthy award of a BRONZE MEDAL was awarded for her work.

The judges commended our students for their endeavours to compete.

Pictured: Brooke Lindsey (SILVER MEDAL)
Adrienne Turner (BRONZE MEDAL)